Episode 4

After reading the case file, I thought, 'There's no way this guy got a fair trial.'
The Justin Chapman murder case attracts a new defense team full of heavy hitters and colorful characters. In this episode, we take a detour from the case in order to introduce you to some of the players who came to Chapman's aid, and learn why they took on the case for free. Listen to Episode 4 of "Breakdown: railroad justice in a railroad town."
Law School 101
Who's Who
Law School 101: Should the defendant take the stand?

In his murder and arson trial in 2007, Justin Chapman decided not to testify in his own behalf. This meant the jury didn’t hear his voice until after it had found him guilty.

Devoted watchers of TV crime shows know this is pretty standard. Legally, the defendant has no obligation to testify. Practically, even an innocent defendant may suffer serious damage on cross-examination by a skilled prosecutor.

Nolo Contendere
A glossary of legal terms

This glossary is adapted from a much more detailed listing found at uscourts.gov, the website of the United States Courts.

Quiz: Can you pass the Georgia bar exam?

Try it yourself! The following questions are based on questions from past Georgia Bar Exams, and the answers are gleaned, in part, from actual responses that were adjudged correct by the state bar examiners.