Season 2

Two years after the death of his son Cooper, Justin Ross Harris is going on trial for murder. Click here for the latest news from the trial.
Episode 1
In Episode 1, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Bill Rankin explores the evidence against Justin Ross Harris, and how it just seems to keep piling up. You’ll hear the incredible anguish of... More

Episode 2
The state’s murder case against Harris is formidable. The lead police investigator has already testified at length in pretrial hearings: some key testimony seems utterly damning, but some seems totally... More

Episode 3
Cobb police insinuated a number of times that Leanna (now Leanna Taylor, since her divorce came through in March) might have helped her husband plan the murder of their son.... More

Episode 4
The most important moments of the Justin Ross Harris trial may be unfolding right now - even before testimony begins or the lawyers ever state their cases.  Welcome to jury... More

Episode 5
Jury selection, which may be close to conclusion, has taken an interesting turn. Nearly a third of the jurors qualified for the final panel – the one from which the... More

Episode 5.5
The defense in the hot-car murder trial of Justin Ross Harris surprises everyone by filing for a change of venue almost at the of jury selection. But the judge has... More

Episode 6
The Harris trial was just days away from opening statements and testimony, when the proceedings ground to a sudden and unexpected halt. More

Episode 7
The Ross Harris trial heads to Brunswick after a four-month hiatus. What sort of jury will Judge Mary Staley Clark find on Georgia’s coast? Here’s why the trial’s new venue... More

Episode 8
Jury selection isn’t fast, but it is fascinating. Prospective jurors in the Harris case speak of magical powers, preconceived notions and their favorite TV shows. listen to this episode More

Episode 9
We’re just a few steps from the starting gate. In a matter of days, the 12 jurors will be seated, the lawyers will make their opening statements, and the murder... More

Episode 10
The murder trial against Justin Ross Harris is finally underway. The prosecution opened with a blistering opening statement, while Harris’ defense attorney countered with an emotional and powerful opening of... More

Episode 11
The judge, lawyers and jurors return to Brunswick after Hurricane Matthew. The trial starts back up with the initial focus on little Cooper Harris. Prosecutors introduce testimony about the “smell... More

Episode 12
Prosecutors open a new week of testimony by calling one woman after another to the witness stand. Harris pursued all of them – including two teenagers – over sexually explicit... More

Episode 13
Lead Detective Phil Stoddard ended his testimony after four days on the witness stand. Under cross-examination, Stoddard took some punches, but also delivered some blows. On Friday, the state rested... More

Episode 14
Ross Harris’ ex-wife, Leanna Taylor, took the witness stand on Monday and repeated her long-held belief that Harris never meant to leave their 22-month-old son Cooper to die in his... More

Episode 15
The prosecution and the defense give impassioned, powerful closing arguments, wrapping up the trial. Prosecutor Chuck Boring insists Ross Harris lived a double life and intentionally killed his little boy.... More

Episode 16
After four days of deliberations, the jury in Brunswick returns with a verdict in The State of Georgia v. Justin Ross Harris. Cobb County's district attorney says this is no... More

Episode 17
Justin Ross Harris returns to Cobb County and is sentenced for the murder of his 22-month-old son Cooper. We delve into the contradictions in the jury's verdict. And we talk... More

Praise for Season 1

For my @serial-Obsessed friends, the AJC has their own Serial-esque podcast about a case in Breman, Georgia called Breakdown. 

You're welcome

Mel@acafesociety Jun 27

Fascinating Case.

Well produced show.
iTunesGREAT SHOWby Willtopower

Newspaper does a Serial knock off...

Really Well.

MMedium.comby Tyler Moody

Season 1

Follow the twists and turns of a case that some say landed an innocent man in prison. Download all 7 episodes and binge listen today.
Episode 1
Justin Chapman was convicted eight years ago of burning down his own house in Bremen, Ga., and killing the elderly woman who lived next door. It was the kind of... More

Episode 2
As a public defender in 2007, Jan Hankins didn’t have time to prepare for the arson and murder trial of Justin Chapman. When Chapman was found guilty, Hankins refused to... More

Episode 3
Reporter Bill Rankin goes to Bremen in the dark of night, and with the help of an Army veteran, tests what you can see from "Stroupe's stoop." Could Gary Allen... More

Episode 4
The Justin Chapman murder case attracts a new defense team full of heavy hitters and colorful characters. In this episode, we take a detour from the case in order to... More

Episode 5
Justin Chapman’s new defense team -- including Mike Caplan (pictured) -- sifts through the evidence and uncovers critical breakdowns in the prosecution of Chapman, including several pieces of evidence that... More

Episode 6
Through the first five episodes of “Breakdown,” we’ve concluded that Justin Chapman did not receive a fair trial. But we’ve never said whether he’s guilty of the crimes of which... More

Episode 7
In the seventh and final episode of Breakdown, we find out whether Justin Chapman gets to walk out of prison after serving eight years in confinement. A South Georgia judge... More

Episode 8
Justin Chapman awaits the all-important decision from the state's prosecutors: will they put him back on trial for murder and arson or end the long-running legal drama that put him in... More